New Two-Year MoU for Malta Womens Team

Published: 29-05-2024 10:34
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The Malta Football Association and the Malta Football Players Association (MFPA) have reached an agreement over a new two-year Memorandum of Understanding about the technical and sporting conditions of the players forming part of the Malta women’s national team set-up.

The newly signed MOU fully adheres to the UEFA Minimum Standards Framework for Women’s National Teams in Europe, established last year by UEFA in close consultation with FIFPRO Europe.

This framework is intended to ensure that women’s footballers are provided with quality care and sporting conditions, prioritizing their welfare and well-being while on duty with the national team, thus optimizing their training and competitive performance.

Discussions between the Malta FA and MFPA, representing the Malta women’s national team players, have led to the signing of the third MOU in three years, reflecting the two organizations’ willingness and commitment to sustain the growth of women’s football in Malta as well as recognizing the players’ dedication and commitment when representing our country.

The new MOU comprises many improved benefits for the women’s national team players, most notably:

 -           Significantly improved call-up appearance fees and bonuses;

-           Parental and pregnancy support policy - A player who has responsibility for the care of an infant who is being breastfed by the player is entitled to bring her child and a support person of her choice when they are on duty with the national team.

-           Improved traveling arrangements

Dr Angelo Chetcuti, General Secretary of the Malta FA who was also part of UEFA’s Working Group on the formulation of the Minimum Standards for Women’s National Teams, said the MOU not only rewards the commitment of the players but is also aimed at enhancing the standards of the national team.

“The signing of a third MOU for the women’s national team in the space of three years rewards not only the success achieved by our dedicated players but also underlines our willingness to improve their sporting and technical conditions, also covering areas such as childhood support which are becoming increasingly relevant and important,” Dr Chetcuti said.

“The Malta FA will soon renew its strategy for women’s football to ensure that the game continues to flourish in the long term. This MOU aligns with this strategy as the women’s national team footballers are our best ambassadors who inspire young girls who are taking their initial steps in the pathway from grassroots to elite. We are fully aware that there is always more to be done.”

Carlo Mamo, General Secretary of the MFPA, welcomed the signing of the MOU.

“The MFPA fully understands that reaching an agreement that satisfies all parties concerned is not straightforward,” Mamo said. “It entails effort and compromise but it is clear that all parties have been working towards a fair resolution.

“We are pleased with the outcome of our discussions with the Malta FA about the latest MOU, especially the significant increases in appearance fees and bonuses, but more pertinent, in our opinion, are the other measures that address other key areas, such as the pregnancy policy. These steps are crucial for the continued growth and success of the sport.”