Malta represented at the iFLIPP training programme

Published: 17-03-2023 14:33

Malta was represented at a European Leadership Training Programme as part of the Erasmus+ project Innovating Football Leadership through Practice and Policy (iFLIPP) in Ljubiljana between 8-11 March, 2023. 

The goal of these workshops, which involved 40 participants working in the football industry, was to set the stage for a general conversation about the participation of women and racial minorities in the game. The participants had the chance to increase their knowledge of leadership, networking, strategy development, joining boards, and personal branding.

Participants in the iFlipp training program concentrated on two learning areas.  The first step is to ensure that everyone is aware of how exclusion and discrimination present themselves in sport and how organizational-led solutions can be developed. The second focuses on developing leaders in sport who are more varied and well-rounded through personal learning and empowerment techniques.

Workshops covered a variety of topics, including participants' personal journeys, the importance of gender equality in football, the involvement of women in the sport, and what obstacles, dynamics, and institutional setups prevent women from succeeding.

As one of the key objectives of the course, the participants also worked on their organizational or personal development strategies.


iFlipp is a three-year project which is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union.

The projected is co-ordinated the Fare Network (NED), with six partner organisations including Hawar.help (GER), Integrated Dreams (POR), Erasmus University Rotterdam (NED), Portugal Football Association (POR), Malta Football Association (MLT) and the EUSA Institute (SLO), with the support of Europe's football governing UEFA as well.